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"Temple of Remembrance"
This is a chapel inside the building of the Alternative Adult School, at the premises of the EXODOS Therapeutic Community.

The chapel already existed at the old premises of the "Paidopolis" children care center, where EXODOS is now established. Its renovation - with a strong visual - arts character - has been part of the overall reconstruction of the old school and its transformation into a modern educational space.


Maintenance of the old use as well as the religious element denote the intention to connect with the past as well as with the city of Larissa and its culture.

It is a multi-purpose venue serving different functions. Primarily being a teaching classroom, used on daily basis by the students of the Alternative Adult School, it can also be used as an auditorium or as a venue of religious worship.


Trying to integrate incompatible functions and "strange" materials in the building's configuration has not been an easy endeavour.

The Larissean painter Christos Papanikolaou has made a valuable offer visually contributing his vision of a multi-purpose venue, which shall give the opportunity to its users to come in touch with art, experience aesthetic pleasure and 'learn' every moment of their daily life.

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