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Units - Departments: KETHEA EXODOS Therapeutic Community
Principles - Philosophy

EXODOS Therapeutic Community was the first unit of the programme to be created. It started its operation in November 1989, under adverse conditions, at the premises of the former "Paidopolis" of the National Social Care Organization, in Larissa.

A large group of members, coming from KETHEA's ITHAKI Therapeutic Community, settled in and, with the aid of some experienced staff of the organization, founded the KETHEA EXODOS Therapeutic Community.

The reaction of the local residents was fervent and it took quite long to bring them round.

The contribution of the Municipal authority has been significant, supporting this effort from the very first moment.

Principles - Philosophy

The philosophy of KETHEA EXODOS Therapeutic Community is not different from the philosophy of Therapeutic Communities all over the world. It is based on the belief that addiction to psychotropic substances is a symptom of other problems of the individual, which he/she can learn to recognize and tackle in a healthy manner.

Access to the Therapeutic Community is free to all directly interested parties, irrespective of their financial or social status.

The necessary conditions for someone to be accepted are being an adult, addicted to psychotropic substances and not suffering from any severe mental disorder.

All services are provided free of charge.
No substitutes are administrated at any stage of the therapeutic process.
Voluntary participation is a prerequisite for the positive outcome of the therapy.


The Therapeutic Community has the following objectives:

  • Physical rehabilitation and full abstinence from addictive substances
  • Mental rehabilitation
  • Vocational guidance and training
  • Meeting basic educational needs and improvement of educational level
  • Systematic treatment of health problems
  • Provision of counselling to address any pending legal matters

A Therapeutic Community is a commune of individuals, who try to face their common problems and achieve personal change through interaction.

The Therapeutic Community's programme lasts approximately 12 months.

During this period, each individual that follows the programme participates in:

Self-help groups, developing mutual help and support, in order to address each participant's personal difficulties.
Working groups, building team spirit and collaboration in order to accomplish a common objective.
Educational groups, in order to fill any gaps in the completion of training.
Sports and creative groups, to develop skills and make good use of leisure time.
Staff members work as role models and are those who inspire and lead the therapeutic process.



At regular time intervals, KETHEA EXODOS Therapeutic Community carries out:

  • ecological,
  • informational,
  • social & cultural interventions,

as well as alternative tourism excursions (skiing, mountaineering, rafting)

Address: 2nd km, Larissa - Giannouli Nat. Road,
Postcode: 41500 - Larissa
Tel.: 2410 259500 & 2410 532861
Fax: 2410 259549

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