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The Alternative Adult School has been operating since 2000 as an educational institution for adults. It is mostly focused on secondary education level for former users of addictive substances, who have joined or completed KETHEA EXODOS.

In the course of time, it has actually become an educational center for adults aged 19 to 45, who were former users of psychotropic substances and joined KETHEA's therapeutic programmes in the region of Central Greece.

Philosophy and Operating Principles

The School has a mainly alternative and transitional character, aiming at the enhancement of the participants' educational and social reintegration, offering them the opportunity to regain control of their lives and make meaningful choices within the framework of a thorough therapeutic intervention.

It constitutes an educational environment that cultivates initiative and the critical mind among the students, intended to make an optimal association between school and learning, employment and life. It also helps, among other things, to the elimination of the causes that lead to dropping out of school.

Creating a hospitable and high-quality educational building at the premises of the "EXODOS" Therapeutic Community has played a significant role in changing the negative image of the typical uncongenial school.

An avant-garde visual intervention, within the school itself, was made by the Larissean painter Chr. Papanikolaou, who created a new 'chapel' in the place of an older one, which had been there since the time when the facility was used as a children care center.

Description of school's operation
1. Counselling...
  Counselling services are provided regarding educational and vocational guidance.
School courses...

Within the framework of a configured weekly programme:

  • Adult learners are divided in secondary school classes (gymnasium & lyceum in Greece) in order to obtain the respective graduation certificate.
  • There is also a school-graduate class offering preparation for admission to institutes of higher and technical education.
  • Every spring, a preparatory course is set-up to prepare members to join one of the above mentioned classes, in the following school year.
Student support...

Programme members who are students are supported throughout the year, by means of both counselling and tutorial classes in view of the school exams.

Training courses...

Throughout the academic year:

  • There are computer training courses to obtain ECDL certification.
  • There are also foreign language courses at First Certificate level for the purpose of obtaining the relevant certificate.
  • Football and basketball teams, participating in the championship of the employees of the Municipality of Larissa.
  • Visual Arts Workshop and Photography Group, with an excellent record of exhibitions.
  • Theatre group staging performances open to the public.
  • Publishing group of the 'Exit' magazine.
  • Our Library.
Address: 2nd km, Larissa - Giannouli Nat. Road,
Post code: 41500 - Larissa
Tel.: 2410 251852
Fax: 2410 251148

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